Bever/Schultz Lab Group 2013
Burnham Praire Restoration Work Party 2010
Bever/Schultz Lab Group 2009
Wittaya Kaonongbua's Defense with Joe Morton and Jim Bever
Bever/Schultz Lab Group 2007
Wittaya, Jamie and team 2006
Johnny, Peggy and Elizabeth 2005
Bever/Schultz Lab Group 2001
Kankakee Sands Restoration Work Party 2003
Bever/Schultz Lab Group 2009
Sarah Richardson and Team 2004
Bever/Schultz Lab Group 2004
Jim Bever
Bever/Schultz/Zheng Lab and Family in Stone Forest, China
Peggy Schultz planting experiment at Kankakee Sands Restoration
Elizabeth Middleton
Elizabeth Middleton with slide hammer
Jeff White and Ursel Schuette in Alaska
Peggy, Wendy and Jamie
Caro and Jim
Baoming and Keenan introducing radiolabel
Joe, Sunnie, Erdin and Corey in Glacier National Park
Jonathan and Kat in the prairie
Jessica and Peggy teaching in Ecuador
Jessica and Peggy in the Paramo
Scutellospora pellucida spores
Bever/Schultz lab group celebrating 2015
Liz and Kat
AM fungal hyphae in root
Illinois prairie remnant
Entrophospora infrequens
DNA extractions in the lab
Peggy in her restoration
Brian and his theory wall
Theory of Plant-Soil Feedbacks
Liz in an Illinois Remnant 2014